Jace Seymour

Jace Seymour

Occupation: Bass Guitarist

Born: July 14

Vitals: Blond hair, brown eyes, 5’6″ tall

Jace joined Sinners two years ago, after being recommended by Dare Mills (the lead guitarist of Exodus End and Trey Mills’s older brother) to replace Sinners’ previous bassist Jon Mallory. While very skilled on bass guitar, little is known about Jace. He remains tight-lipped about his past, his family situation, and his home life.

Single and has no children.

Previous bands: None

If you have a question/comment for Jace, please leave it in the comment section below and he’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

127 Responses to “Jace Seymour”
  1. LaLa says:

    Hi Jace,
    Here’s my question…. Are you a loving Dom???
    Hopefully you are! That’s hot and would love to read steamy Dom and sub lifestyle that is hot and pushes the enevelope but still loving!

  2. Jace Seymour says:

    Hi LaLa
    Thanks for your question. It’s a tough one for me. I’ll tell you why. I’m not a typical submissive or a true dom. I do like to dominate a woman in the bedroom, but with pleasure, not pain. If she submits her power to me, it’s because of bliss, not intimidation.

    While I’d never intentionally hurt a woman, I do like to be on the receiving end of pain (I need it), but unlike most masochists, I don’t like to be humiliated. I have had more than one dominatrix give up on me because I refuse to submit. It makes them mad and they tend to hit me harder. I do like that.

    Am I loving? Don’t know. I haven’t found the right woman yet. I’ll let you know.

    • LaLa says:

      Hi Jace,
      Sorry to get so personal but that lifestyle makes me curious? I’m not in that lifestyle but i have read some really hot books that surprised me how hot and spicy there sex lives and love stories were. I always just thought they were kinky crazy people who just had issues and wanted to be punished or punish others to get off. The more i read the more i saw there are lifestyles that have loving doms and subs who truly not only submit there bodies but there trust there soul and sometimes there heart.
      So. my question was what are you?
      You sound confused also like you might be a switcher.
      Well since you do own all the toys and know how to use them to full intentions. I just figured people who owned the equipment and got into that sort of thing would really have researched how and and when and who they would use this on or atleast be looking for the person who would really make you complete.
      Maybe you can’t truly submit cause it’s all about trust and you don’t have that or you are truly not a sub but like a little pain with your pleaure. Which is it?

    • Cristina says:

      And here I thought u were the only normal in the family… all that pain is it because of your childhood? did something happen? What ticks u in that direction? I like games in bed as much as the next person but feeling pain? Don’t get it… well at least you r the loving kind! Will all your secrets be revealed in your book? because you seem so mysterious! Can’t wait to get to know u… xx

  3. Jace Seymour says:

    I know people who live the lifestyle, LaLa. I’ve participated in it. Tried many different things looking for answers. It’s not a perfect fit for me. Parts of it, yes. I’m just… a bit confused by what I like and what I need… um… I don’t know why I’m the way I am. I’ve never met a woman who really gets me or understands that part of me either.

    That’s alright though. I’m incredibly happy being a member of Sinners. That’s all I ever really wanted. Who needs a woman, when you have music?

    I think it’s easier being alone.

  4. Lauren says:

    Well your not competely alone you do have you kitten . 😉

  5. Lauren says:

    Sorry Olivia spilled the beans. 🙂
    I personly think that it makes you even hotter ; you have both a lets call it a kinky side and a side that cares for a scruffy little animal.
    And here I thought you couldn’t get any hotter !

  6. Sarah says:

    Yeah, Olivia sure gets into people’s buisness… too bad she’s such an amazing writer! She makes it so fun to learn about you guys! I guess I just have to keep reading. She has a couple of loyal fans.

    Lauren, his Kitty’s name is Brownie. ❤
    I don't know what to ask you Jace, you're just so cute!

  7. launicpez says:

    I don’t know about cute . Hot yes . Cute no.

  8. launicpez says:

    He is in no way cute .
    Hot and sexy Yes.
    Cute no.

  9. Eric Sticks says:

    Little man is so cute he makes puppies cry.

  10. Lauren says:

    and so hot he makes panties drop 😉

  11. Laura says:

    Hey Jace,
    How did you get in to the world of domination? you look so calm and sweet…. I loved when you give advices to Brian, it was HOT XD

    • Jace Seymour says:

      I dunno. Met some pretty kinky women when I was younger. They showed me stuff. This song explains me pretty good.


      • Laura says:

        I Can’t watch it…. copyrights…. damn

      • Juliet says:

        Jace sounds like that would be your theme song. Interesting thing is people dont understand the D/s relationships are about a great deal more then just kinky sex it is a connection between to people that cant be fully explained because there arent words. And as to if you a dom or a sub for some people it is a definate one way our another for others it depends on the person and where your desires lead. Also as a submissive you have just as much power as a Dom.

  12. Laura says:

    Three Days Grace – Pain? OMG if that is the song… OMG *faint*

  13. Laura says:

    “I’d rather feel pain than nothing at all” i can understand that XD

  14. desertlioness91 says:

    Hey there sweet stuff,

    how would you like to come play with THIS kitty cat? ; )

  15. Alexa says:

    Jace I’m a big fan of you!!!! mmm maybe a groupie….I like it so much the way you interact with the band… you’re one of them even if Eric is a pain on the ass…

  16. Amy J says:

    Hi Jace!
    I am in love with the photo of you! I have been with following the band since months before Brian’s book was released! I loved his story, but I am anxiously awaiting yours! This is one girl who is dreaming big that I can find myself in your story!
    I added my groupie badge featuring your name onto my blog to display proudly!
    You are so freaking sexy!

  17. Destynee says:

    Hey Jace,

    I was wondering if you guys would ever consider doing a private show. It’s going to be my 21st soon and I wanted something more memorable than just getting shit faced. And seeing you and Trey work your instruments in front of me would be way better than passing out in a bar.

    Even if it’s impossible I still hope to meet you in person soon!

    • Jace Seymour says:

      Happy Birthday, Destynee. Seems like a long time ago that I turned 21. Hard to believe it’s only been 3 years. Anyway… We don’t do private shows, but maybe if you come to one of our concerts you can get a backstage pass. Just don’t get it the “Sed” way, if you know what I mean. Well, unless you want to…

      • Destynee says:

        *trying not to faint* Thanks for the birthday wishes! And I have to know…Is there a “Jace” way to get a backstage pass? 😉

      • Jace Seymour says:

        Uh… no, not really. I don’t usually give them out. Sed, Eric, and Jake (our roadie) give out more than enough. Sometimes you can win them from radio show contests. I’m not much of an afterparty guy. I’d rather take a ride on my bike to clear my head. Do you like motorcycles?

  18. Destynee says:

    Hell yeah! The roar of the engine between your legs? Best feeling ever!

    So, Jace. I don’t mean to sound like every other groupie or fan girl thats after you but what would you do if, for a hypothetical situation, I kidnapped you and tied you up for a couple days? *innocent look* That’ll be my last question before I blow up your whole page.

  19. Julia says:

    Damn Destynee don’t hog Jace! We all want a piece of him lol. My question for the ever quiet but sexy Jace is why do you dye your hair? Not that I don’t like it, but I was just curious as to why you bleach your hair.

  20. haleyeah says:

    Jace, I’ve got to agree the advice you gave to Brian was hot. Especially the tip about wrapping his shirt around Myrna’s neck so she could smell her man. Love that. Do you wear cologne or is your smell pure man musk? I’d love to know … The smell of a man can reduce me to a puddle of mush.

  21. Susie says:

    What kind if bike do you have Jace?

  22. Susie says:

    Who is Aggie?

  23. Susie says:

    Thanks I didn’t get a chance to read it yet.

  24. Jeze says:


    I love the song Pain also, but I am sure one day you will be able to find the pain with love. I own a BDSM club with my brother and I teach classes on proper flogging and whipping techniques. Just because someone knows how to use a crop well does not mean they are a Domme (don’t tell my brother) ;P If you are going through Iowa, let me know and we can play.

  25. Liv-e says:

    hey hey hey!
    wondered what you do when you aren’t rocking out???

  26. Neveah says:

    Jace i dont know what to say.. you are the most sexy thing i ever see in my life. Really.

  27. Liv-e says:

    Sweet. me and my ex used to do it, but he got upset whenever i kicked his ass!

  28. Shell says:

    Hey Jace,
    When you guys first met Myrna, in the hotel lounge. What was you “byline” she whispered in your ear, that made you blush? I think it is Sexy when i man isn’t afraid to blush!

  29. Shell says:

    That made you blush? Well vibration is good!

  30. Zam says:

    Hi Jace, I had a dream last night with you, Trey and me! yum yum ^.^

    I was wondering do you know if Olivia is writing you bio next?

  31. Jane says:

    Hey Jace, I completely get your feelings of being on the outside looking in and being the one people go to for help and advice. My first question: Who do you go to when you need help and advice? Who is your confidant?

    Second, I see a trend in you guys tending to like girls who are groupies or fans of your music, do you think you could ever fall for a quiet small town, simple, tomboyish type of girl? From the descriptions of Myrna and Jessica they are beautiful. Would you ever take the risk and date outside of your regular groupies, doms, and other hard core fans?

    Maybe a small town tomboy could be the one to win your heart and help tame your wild side…

  32. Treasure says:

    (whispers) Happy Birthday Jace…I left a plate of oatmeal cookes just for you, hurry before your band mates find it first

  33. Jordy Albert says:

    Happy Birthday, Jace!!! Love you!!! Xoxo

  34. June M. says:

    Happy birthday! Are you looking forward to your story being written?

  35. jenny says:

    Happy Birthday Jace!! Love You…I owe you some birthday spankings 😉 !

  36. Susie says:

    Happy birthday Jace! I hope a few of tour wishes come true and you have a a great day. And that ou are spending it with someone special! Xoxoxoxo

  37. Debbie says:

    Happy Birthday!

  38. Jace Seymour says:

    Thanks… I didn’t think anyone would remember.

    • Debbie says:

      You’re so damn adorable. I just want to hug you and squeeze you and pet you and rub you and caress… Wait – how can I do all that if my hands are tied?

  39. lauren says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!! 😀

  40. Terri Hawk says:

    Happy Birthday, Jace! Can’t wait to see a pic of you in your birthday suit. 😉 heehee

  41. Destynee says:

    Happy Birthday, Jace! Hope you get everything you want and more! 🙂

  42. Benazir says:

    Happy Birthday!! *glomps*

  43. grANGELA says:

    Happy Birthday! I’m a big fan!!!

  44. lilflurdtess says:

    Happy Birthday Jace, I hope you got something you wanted 🙂

  45. Christy says:

    Happy Birthday Jace, hope your reading this after you have had an exceptionally great day! Hopefully your licks were delivered just the way you like them. Best wishes & many more, much love to you & yours!

  46. Mackenzie says:

    I’m a huge fan and im interested in BDSM is there anything in particular I should be weary of and can u be my hands on teacher xxxx

  47. Heather says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, Jace!!! I hope all your desires were explored and you found complete satisfaction…and cake, of course.

  48. Shell says:

    I was wondering what was the best birthday gift you ever received?

  49. Tiffany T says:

    Dear jace,
    your are and hot dark god that just make me want to try the BDSM things with you !! your so awesome and may i just add ty for saving the kitty

  50. Vannesa says:

    i was just wondering……. r u and aggie still 2gether?

  51. Stephanie says:

    Hello Jace,
    I was just wondering if you like that some see you as the quiet, “sweet” one? Being in a band called Sinners, I would think you all would want to be seen as bad asses? Although I do think you are a bad ass basest. Or maybe you don’t really care…just a thought.

  52. Tasia says:

    So I do have like two questions for your darling self.

    What did you say to Myrna that evening to get her to lose the panic feeling she had?

    And what is your pick up like we kinda know one of Treys what is yours?

  53. eriphar says:

    Jace, hello! I want to ask something … What is your favorite “toy”?

  54. I wasn’t near a computer….but Happy belated Birthday….hope it all went well and you got everything you wished for 🙂

  55. He’s gorgeous, even though he’s really short! Happy Birthday, Jace.

  56. Terri H says:

    I hate that I forgot this year. I hope it was a great birthday, precious!

  57. Kelly says:

    Jace you are short??? 5’6″???

  58. Shell says:

    First off I am Sorry I forgot your Birthday. So Happy Birthday!!!
    Second what did you do for your Birthday, and What was the best gift you got this year???

  59. janette says:

    Do you enjoy being the dominate or the submissive in your um personal playtime. And the quite and lost in your thoughts is kinda of hot

  60. janette says:

    shit (sorry for the foul language) ur a cancer like just as me interesting very interesting 🙂

  61. janette says:

    I am a very assertive person needing to control all around me even in the bedroom, however after reading one book about the dom/sub relationship it left me seeking and reading more and more dom/sub books researching it and all, then as I searched more into my inner self I came to realized that needing to control things in my “real”life that maybe in my personal life being the submissive wouldn’t be such a bad but good thing giving control to someone for a brief moment or a few thrilling hours wouldn’t be so bad. What do you think is there a balance between the both for a person like me who loves and craves control and is willing to relinquish it for pleasure.

  62. hey jace! I think you’re adorable and so so sexy
    And one question
    wear me on your motorcycle?

  63. Hi Jace!

    You’re so adorable, sexy and cute. Yes, I believe all this and more, but if i said this information, i know that my natural skin dont change the permanent blush *smiled*…. and my question is… when you don’t stay with the band (in the tour), where are you??? because I don’t trust in Sed … and especial the theory about you’re peddling tomatoes at on the border of mexico xD, sorry but i don’t think so…

  64. Fannie says:

    Hi Jace,
    Was just wondering what your favorite pleasure/pain tool/toy is. What music turns you on?

  65. Ella says:

    Your my favourrritteee ❤ Im practically purring right noww ! * eee * :))

  66. Couger says:

    Hi Jace,
    I have been reading up on BDSM but don’t like pain only pleasure. Do you share your sub? Or do you prefer to keep her to yourself .

  67. Ryan-Ann says:

    Im in ❤ with you Jace!!!!!!

  68. B says:

    In luv with the intro of your book… Can’t wsit to read it..



  69. angel says:

    Hey jace! Huge fan!! 🙂
    Me and my friend were wondering, if its not to personal to ask, but whats your favourite sex position? Do you have more than 1?? :p

  70. tamii says:

    I love you so much ❤

  71. Edna says:

    Hi Jace
    I have a lot of curiosity, I guess you like to be the master par excellence, but I like to be submissive in a relationship?
    And take the opportunity to ask if they’d give me a ride on your bike?

  72. Lisa says:

    your a sexy biker dude just the thought of a big beast vibrating between my legs hhmmm, your music gets me rockin too. x

  73. Heather says:

    Happy Birthday, Jace! Hope You and Aggie rock the night away.

  74. jenny says:

    Happy Birthday Jace!!!

  75. Agnesss says:

    Hi Jace, why you have only one picture here?

  76. Annabelle Brendt says:

    Hey Jace… Got a not so discrete question… If I’m a Dominatrix, and we were together for a night, a night I would want to keep on my head for eternity, what things would you do to me? Just to let you know, I like when men make me blush, and making me blush is not easy 😉

  77. Ana says:

    Hola Jace!. Soy Ana aún no conozco tu historia pero creo que eres un caso de corazón roto. A mí también me ocurre lo mismo. Para mi pareja literalmente no existo. Me ignora y no sé que hacer. Tenés algún consejo para darme. Espero que sepas castellano. Me encantaría recibir la respuesta en mi idioma pero si no se puede no importa. Usaré un traductor. Me encanta el grupo. Todos son muy sexys. Saludos.

  78. Saiph says:

    Jace, I don’t know how to start with this without sounding like a typical groupie, but I have to say that you’re my favorite Sinner… by far, the other guys are good and sweet and all other things, but I can’t help feeling fond to you, maybe because in some way we don’t fit in this world at all.
    I found your story touching and moving, I guess you’re not a sub, nor a dom, you just have the balance within both of the sides, and I think that’s very interesting.
    Finally, I know how you feel with Brownie, my cat has the same kind of cute, kind of weird personality.

  79. Hailey says:

    Hello Jace my question is whats your real name?

  80. Hailey says:

    Hello Jace sorry to get personal but what’s your real name outside of this book because you remind me of this singer’s cousin I like

  81. Ashley says:

    So first I want to say your my favorite sinners member!!! So the whole pain fetish thing is it weird for a girl to be into that too? I have been stuggling with the idea that maybe it’s not normal … I mean I accept the fact that I like it and need it but I really feel like it’s wrong sometimes… any advice on how to deal with this?

  82. Tara says:

    Dear Jace, How are you and Aggie? I hear things are hot as ever. Have you planned the wedding yet? Oh how I wish the Band was real.. y’all would definitely give Bring Me the Horizon a run for their money! ♡ Love, an Adoring, NON PSYCHOTIC fan.

  83. Clary says:

    Hey jace. To be honest u remind me of the hottest book character from the mortal instruments. U and Eric have 2 be the most sensible, down to earth, not “Sed ish”, and can I mention HOTTEST guys in the sinners. And I understand Eric inspired u to become an ahhmazing bassist. (I know that’s private so I won’t bother u ’bout it because I’m the same way bout personal biz.) I just have to say that ure sensitive side is really a reason why I can think of u as the kind of guy who stands for what they believe in.

  84. Sheena says:

    Hey Jace!

    Just wanted to say you’re an awesome bassist and gosh darn your book made me more emotional than a pregnant woman.

    Oh yeah I went there.

    Seriously though I do have a question. And that is do you have any idols other than Eric?

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