Eric Sticks

Eric Sticks

Occupation: Drummer, Composer  

Other Instruments: Bass, Guitar, ukulele, Kazoo, you name it, he wails on it  

Vocal styling: Tenor  

Born: December 3  

Vitals: Black hair, blue eyes, 6’5″ tall  

Eric is the main composer/arranger for Sinners. His musical talents are both varied and skilled. He switched to drums at Sed Lionheart’s insistence when Sinners was founded, a role he has adapted to well. He’s known as one of the best drummers in the business because his sound has a unique melodic quality. Eric grew up in foster care. He has no known siblings.  

Single and has no children.  

Previous bands: Lead singer and bassist for Crysys

If you have a question/comment for Eric, leave it in the comment section below and he’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

75 Responses to “Eric Sticks”
  1. LaLa says:

    Hi Eric,
    I must say you look different then what i pictured from the book. I thought you’d look i guess more like Trey’s picture with the hair and all.
    You are very cute more boy next door even know sed was described that way. I don’t see any neighbors that look like him unless i lived next door to the G.Q. models.
    Your look i do see and it’s a good one so don’t get me wrong but just didn’t fit the description.
    okay on to the question why do you like to watch more than do?

  2. Eric Sticks says:

    This pic is crappy. So we had this lame photoshoot set up and I sort of lost a bet with Trey. The dude can hold his breath for a really long time. Anyway, he made me cut my hair all neat and shit for our pictures. I hate having my picture taken in the first place. Then Sed sets one of his smokin’ hot chicks on me to get me to smile, because I was so pissed off that my hair looked all normal and stupid. Anyway, hope you like it, cuz it sucks.

    Why do I like to watch more than do?
    It’s easier on my back.

    • Cristina says:

      in my opinion your personality is kind of a self defense mechanism (joking all the time) because of where you grew up, am i right? (haven’t read the book, having trouble getting it here to portugal safe and cheap). I think you try hard to be a part of the group and you must find love quickly so you don’t get left behind! Will your childhood be revealed in your book? by the way yours was by far the best first kiss ever! Thiink i’m going to laugh alot with u and like u lots!!! xx

    • Clary says:

      It doesn’t suck hon. U still look sexy as motherfuckin hell. 😉

  3. Sarah says:

    Eric Sticks,

    I must say you are my favorite member of the band..
    I absolutely adore your hair. You are so freakin’ sexy, and I don’t get how Myrna says no all the time! I love a guy with musical talent, and baby you have that. You name it, Sticks can wail on it, right?
    Love you.

  4. Eric Sticks says:


    Seriously? You’re yankin’ my wanker. Have to be.

    Nice joke, babe. Ha ha.

  5. Sarah says:

    No, no. I PROMISE you I am not yankin’ anyone’s wanker.
    I think you should be front and center, babe.
    My absolute favorite. ❤

  6. Lauren says:

    I totally agree with my friend Sarah.
    You are awesome!!!!
    And I am amazed that she turned dow yankin’ on your wanker , becauseIi know that we would if we had the chance ❤ ( possibly even at the same time )
    have some fun for yourself insted of just watching next time your in Canada?!

    • Eric Sticks says:

      I would need something to keep me warm in Canada. It’s fuckin’ cold up there. I think you and Sarah would do better double-teaming on Sed. I wouldn’t turn down a nice yank while I watch, but I don’t think I can handle you both at the same time. You sound way hawt.

      • Lauren says:

        FIne I guess I would have to live with that , as long as your there too. 🙂
        Its freezing here we were the 2nd coldest place in the world a few months ago topped by only antartica .
        However this is a good thing because have an even better exuse to keep warm 😉
        And thats a huge compliment being called “hawt” by a stud like you !

      • Sarah says:

        But… we don’t want Sed the way we want you.

  7. Sarah says:

    Damn Lauren!
    We sure know how to rake them guys in. I think I would enjoy anything if Eric was there. I do agree that we should keep him warm though… It’s fuckin’ freezing here! I do agree that we are hot!

  8. Sarah says:

    I said “I do agree” twice. Sheesh.

  9. Eric Sticks says:

    Sed told me try to take both of you on at once. He said I could handle it without him, no problem. And then he laughed so hard he almost passed out. A regular comedian, that guy.

  10. launicpez says:

    Lol have fun with that … brian did .

  11. launicpez says:

    Well he’s already in erics hair all the time .

  12. Laura says:

    Hey Eric, how’s your lucky hat.

  13. haleyeah says:

    What? No comment love for you, Eric, since last month? So not fair. Here I am to break your drought. I wonder what I could say to make you bang your head against a wall … Ah, well, nothing outrageously wicked comes to mind at the moment. But, hey, any time you’re down south, feel free to walk in on me anytime while I’m in the tub. I’d be happy to see you.

  14. Bella Dawn says:

    I agree with haleyeah, you need more love Eric! You’re my favorite in the books and I can’t wait to learn more about you. I can’t believe that tons of girls aren’t all over your page. But more for me 😉 And I’m very jealous of that girl in your picture. I want to be nipping at your ear and whispering not so clean things in your ear.

  15. Bella Dawn says:

    Baby, I think you need something that aspirin can’t give you. 😉

  16. Toni Sweets says:

    Eric, I Love you, gosh, the things I’d like to do to you, in the bedroom, bathroom, everywhere 🙂

  17. Liv-e says:

    hey there!
    i think ur my fave cuz ur really tall!
    i like tall guys being 5’11 myself!
    very hard for a girl btw!!!

  18. Crystal says:

    Eric you are the type of guy that is my down fall. I love a tall, dark hair, blue eyes man, yum, that likes children, u play the drums but you have more talent than that to, and that everyone really depends on. I can not wait for your book to come out and find out more about you. what do you look for in a woman? what would be you perfect day? What is you favorite movie and food? we all know Treys is cherry anything. Sorry i have so many question but you are just so yummy. I just want more of you.

    • Eric Sticks says:

      The woman has to be breathing. I’m not into dead chicks. Myrna is way hot. As soon as Brian gets dumped, I’m all over that.
      A perfect day? As long as there isn’t too much drama on the bus, everyday is a perfect day. And there must be tequila. Not much. Just enough to take the edge off.
      There’s Something About Mary. Fuckin’ hilarious and Cameron Diaz is smokin’ hot.
      Hot dogs. Raw. Don’t take that the wrong way.

      • Crystal says:

        you are pretty much roll with the flow. I would rather have Jack Daniels than tequila. Come on over any time and i will cook for you and we can watch a movie and see what happens.

  19. Shell says:

    Hey Eric,
    My brother is also a drummer! And he also a back problems from it. But I am a Massage Therapist maybe I could help you out!

  20. Shell says:

    Maybe! Interested?

  21. Tiffany T says:

    Dear eric,
    today i discover that people from my fav book and now here i am now 🙂 you are so awesome and i cant wait to read ur book. i like ur pic but i was expecting something a little differnt but still cuteee !!!!! 🙂 keep being awesome !!!

  22. Sherany says:

    I love Drummers and if they are like you more ( nobody compares to U)
    a big hello and kisses From Venezuela babe

  23. Debbie says:

    Happy Birthday Eric!!!

    I was thinking of getting you a personalized license plate for your baby — something to do with rim, head, or banging – but decided on SKINBTR. Hope you enjoy. 🙂

  24. Melissa Schildmeier says:

    Hey Eric, Happy Birthday Big Boy!!!!!! If I had your address I would send you a special hat but I dont and you kind of already have a special one, anyway enjoy and dont do anything I would’nt lol

  25. haleyeah says:

    Happy birthday, Sticks.

  26. Treasure says:

    Happy Birthday Sticks! Hope you enjoy your cake, and have some one special to lick it off you

  27. Susie says:

    Happy birthday you sexy man! Hope you have the best day and have plenty of reasons to bang your head against the wall. And lots of sexy things to watch today. Xoxo

  28. Sanna says:

    Happy Birthday! Celebrate like hell, honey.

  29. Happy Birthday Eric, have a great one & may all your wicked wishes come true 🙂

  30. Shell says:

    Happy Birthday!! I would Love to help you clean up the Cake!!

  31. Lauren says:

    Happy Birthday Hot Stuff!

  32. eriphar says:

    You just like to see? Like women also see when you touch them?

  33. sarah says:

    Man, I’m talkin’ to Eric Sticks, how did this happen? My Fav band characters are you and Trey. WHY? You are so freakin’ adorable. I luv how your hair is all your own and even the voyeurism is hotttt. 😉 Sorry uou never got a chance to bang Myrna…well, no I’m not. I LOVE YOU. No tat pics, unfortunately /:

  34. Ronni says:

    Dear lovely human being named Eric,
    I fucking love you. You’re adorable, funny, and everything everyone else is saying. I can’t wait for your book. I’ll have to buy two to frame the other one. Don’t let Sed get to you bro, you’re fucking great 😉

  35. Alexandra says:

    Hey Eric! You should tell your frontman Sedric that most of us punk rock riot grrrls think he’s one pathetic poser. I mean, come on! “Sedric Lionheart?” WTF. His vocals make me want to murder him with my Rickenbacker 4003. Everyone knows that drummers, guitarists and bass players are way more badass than whiny singers anyway, and you can do it all. You guys should switch places. Actually, no…he can’t drum, so make him a roadie instead. Save our bleeding ears.

    Yours truly,


  36. Katie says:

    Baby I’m dying for your book. I lay in bed waiting every night because it’s the closest I can get to you! Xo

  37. Ella says:

    Um i really didnt expect you guys to be real! Shoot this is like a blow 0_o

  38. Char says:

    when is Eric’s book coming out?? I have ordered Trey’s book then Jace’s book will be put 2012 I am totally addicted to these books PLease tell me the release date of Eric’s book

  39. Karolina says:

    Hey Eric why does it says that you’re single when in reality you’re married to Rebekah?

  40. Why did you change your last name to sticks?

  41. Wendy says:

    How do you feel about your story being released? I can’t wait to find out more about you. You are about tight lipped as Jace. 🙂 I got a feeling you may be just as sweet as Brian. 😉

  42. adjoa says:

    Dude, you really had to cum in the good doctor’s hair??? Seriously? The scene with you working on her ‘button’ was hot though. Could still sucker-punch Brian for allowing you to do that to his woman. lol

  43. Kassandra Anne says:

    Dear Eric,
    The reason everybody laughs at you hat is because Brian came in it.

  44. zen says:

    Why do you have to be so adorable? I’m trying not to like but you make it so hard.

  45. Lisa says:

    cant wait to read your story dude, I think its gonna be wicked.

  46. FE says:

    Hey Eric – a question about how you became a drummer. I know you used to be a singer AND bass player for Crysys. When Sed took over singing duties, why didn’t you remain the bass player? Why switch completely to drums?

  47. FE says:

    I posted this question not long ago but it seems to have disappeared – sorry if it ends up here twice.

    Eric – you were originally the singer AND bass player for Crysys. I’m wondering why you didn’t remain the bass player when Sed took over as singer? Why make a complete switch to drums? (not that I doubt your talent as a drummer in any way…just curious)

  48. Trina says:

    Hi! Erick!Just stopping by, to loook at you.

    Your so hot! I just love the way you bang your drums! It’s like you have your own world. THAT’S Awesome! Like dipshit! YEAH! Hahaha…

    I’m your awesome fan, by the way! Rock & Roll!!

  49. Tara says:

    Eric! You sir, are an adorable mess. I’m currently reading the book about you. I hope you get with her!!

  50. Tara says:

    Dear Eric, You sir, are an inspiration and a fucking genius. Signed, a not sex crazed fan

  51. Clary says:

    Hey Eric. U kind of remind me of walking porn. Up r soo hot and amazing and make everything around u want to Jack off. I think your sense of humor is just like mine. Kind of pervy but still ridiculous enough to laugh at. And to be honest, if you ever swing around TN about early Oct. Do u think u could give me a little taste of the honey. Or maybe a little more. And just being honest, U r way hotter than sed, brian, and trey combined. They can’t compete with u sticks. Up can make a girl’s panties wet by just looking at the girl beside them. Seriously.
    Luv u!

  52. Sheena says:


    (Please don’t laugh at my name it sucks ass and sounds like weiner)

    Anyways I must say that you and Jace are both my favourite members of Sinners and I find your sense of humour in the books hilarious. Probably because it’s a lot like mine (especially the camouflage condom part). I do have a question though. What colour will you be dying that strand of hair that hangs onto your shoulder next?

    P.S. You rock

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