Brian Sinclair

Occupation: Lead Guitarist, Composer

Favorite Instrument: Schecter Hellraiser custom, black w/white flecks

Born: February 21

Vitals: Black hair, brown eyes, 5’10″ tall

Known for his finger-burning solos, some say Brian “Master” Sinclair was born with a guitar in his hands. While that isn’t exactly true, he did pick up the instrument at an early age. This is no surprise as his father is renowned guitarist, Malcolm O’Neal, of the 1970′s rock band, Winged Faith. Brian is a native of Southern California. He graduated from high school approximately ten years ago and started college to become a music teacher. When the band signed a contract with a major label in his freshman year, Brian quit school to tour with Sinners full-time.

Brian is currently married to lovely Myrna. They  plan to start a family soon.

Previous bands: Lead guitarist for Crysys

If you have a question/comment for Brian, please leave it in the comment section below and he’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

75 Responses to “Brian Sinclair”
  1. LaLa says:

    Hi Master Sinclair,
    Your girlfriend is lucky to have you and she’d be crazy not to marry you the first chance she got!
    If you get married would you two start a family right away since she’s older? If so what would that be like? Touring and being husband father in that lifestyle? Would it change you and the band?

  2. Hey LaLa-
    You are seriously sweet. I don’t know why I have such bad luck with women.


    I’d like to have a family someday. If my girlfriend ever does marry me, I hope she’s ready to have a Master Sinclair Junior pretty quickly. I also hope I’m better at balancing home life and road life than my dad was. We hardly ever saw him. I want to be there for my wife and kids. Of course, even married with children I plan to tour with Sinners forever. Music is my life. I’m not sure a baby crib would work out so well on the tour bus though.

    But first, I’ve got to get a ring on that woman’s finger.
    Wish me luck.

    • Cristina says:

      you’r bad luck is not with the women… only the under-aged over 18 little girls with their sexual hormones all over the place and lack of endorfhins in their brains (Sed’s kind)! You nothing less than a great guy with a big heart and a faithfull penis! that’s what i’m getting from the excerpts so far! Well at least that’s what i’m hoping for when i read you’r book… be good xx

  3. Lexi says:

    I just wanna hug you. That sounds kinda weird, but it’s so true. So amazingly sweet, caring, yet misunderstood. You may love that rock n roll lifestyle but I think you also crave that other side too, the wife, the three children, growing old together. I think it’s possible to have both if you ask me. Anything is possible if you put your heart into it. And you do that. You’re whole heart goes into it. If you’re passionate about something or someone, you can see it. That’s what makes you so attractive.

  4. Lauren says:

    Brian, you need to update your bio to say your with Myrna ! or else she’ll have to deal with even more women trying to get into (totaly hot) pants.

  5. Laura says:

    Master SInclair you are a genius… and not just because of the music but because you are so sweet, hot and caring. Myrna is lucky to have you… for the record I’ma groupie XD

  6. Pallavi says:

    Hi, before I say what I came to say; let me say first: there were a lot of ‘say’ in that sentence. Ok, thats not what I wanted to say. Pffft, never mind.

    So I’m not a fangirl. Haven’t read your book. Haven’t even bought it yet. But I read a review of your book completely by accident and linked to Olivia Cunning’s website and from there to here. And everything I’ve read so far has been by turns hot or hilarious or both… And I’m off to next for your ebook since I’m pretty sure the book will not be available in India. Also, pretty sure I’m gonna be a fangirl by tomorrow. Take care, m8. Be happy!

  7. Susie says:

    Congrats on finally breaking down all of Myr’s walls. I loved Backstage Pass I couldn’t put it down and I can’t wait to continue The Sinners tour for the rest of yours, Myr’s, and all the boys story. You are a sweet sexy talented badass rockstar! Good luck or break a leg!

  8. Emily says:

    Hey I was wondering when is you Myrna’s anniversary? Isn’t it coming up soon?

  9. Valerie says:

    I just love you and Myrna together. You guys make the perfect couple. I was wondering just how much time you spend apart when you are on tour. It has to be hard being apart for long periods of time. Also, how do the two of you spend your time together when you aren’t on tour (you know on the rare occasion you aren’t in bed).

  10. Christy says:

    Happy Early Anniversary! I know that you’re gonna be too busy to look at this tomorrow and possibly a few days after! Best Wishes to both of you!

  11. Shell says:

    How did u and Myrna celebrate your anniversary?

  12. Shell says:

    Sounds like a great way to celebrate to me!

  13. Tiffany T says:

    Dear Brian,
    I would love to say that to night is the best day of a harable week. I just found out the people from my fav book ” Backstage Pass ” is a real ! you have no idea how epic this is lol:) I would like to say Congrats with you and Myrna!! Im so happy That you guys FINALLY got together!!! It makes it sooo much better!!! I cant wait to read the rest of the sinners stories! i cant find any of your guys music tho. Me and my friend (that i just got hook on to “backstage pass”) are looking all over and we cant find any 😦 but i still have the books to look forword to 🙂 and good luck and please start poping out kids with Myrna:p now i going to leave post on all the other guys pages!

  14. Vannesa says:

    so has myrna popped u some kids yet?

  15. Sarah says:

    Hey Brian and Myr! I was just wondering if you got a change to try out some BDSM on Brian yet? I know you wanted to do that Myr and if so how did it go? I hope you gave as good as you get. Is Brian really 10 inches? I also think you all are hillarious and Myr keeps your asses in check. Which is ok because it’s for the better. Oh Brian you can tell the other guys to GFY, sorry guys Love ya, but Brian is no longer the “romantic retard”.He has a hot new wife.

    Anyways keep Rocking it Out on the stage and in the bed. ~S

  16. debbie says:

    Happy Birthday Brian!! Be sure to christen the rumpus room in the new home for me! Oooh and when your baby girl shows up…you know – whenever that happens – I hear Debbie is a great name!

  17. lilflurdtess says:

    Happy Birthday 🙂 Hope you and Myrna are off somewhere making music lol.

  18. Shell says:

    Happy Birthday Brian! I hope Myrna and the Guys make it one to remember!! Especially with the new house.

  19. Christy says:

    Happy Birthday Brian! I hope your day brings you creative gifts and leaves you many inspiring memories…….Best wishes to you and yours 🙂

  20. Samantha says:

    Happy Bithday Sinclair! Drink a little. Party a lot and make a baby! (or just practice making one lol) 😛

  21. gina says:

    Happy Birthday Brian!!!! Hope it is a Fantastic one for you!!!!

  22. gina says:

    Yeah forgot to mention my B-day was on the 6th Aquarians are awsome people!!! We ROCK!!!

  23. Bronwyn says:

    Ooh I was late on the birthday wishes. Hope it was hot and your lady treated you right!

  24. sarah says:

    Hey Brian, Can I have a hug? No? *Sigh* I love Myrna, but she’s hogging all the attention 😉

  25. Denise says:

    Hey Brian,
    Myr is already preggos or already given you a Master S jr. I was just rereading Rock Hard and the signs are there. Ur gonna love bein a daddy. I have three. Lots of work but lots of fun.

  26. julie says:

    Dearest Brian…
    As a fellow Aquarian, I just wanted to commiserate with you about your sensitivity levels…and, your creative genius. I know how much you love Myrna, and, rightfully so, as, she kicks all unholy ass. That said, I can’t help but wonder how your…um…..creative juices, let say…..would, uh….flow, if you were with a fellow Aquarian. Btw, imho, you are WAY hotter than your “leader”…
    Yours, figuratively speaking,

  27. Alyssa says:

    BRIAN! You and Myrna are so perfect for each other. I loved reading about your love story. Seriously, you guys will make hot babies!

  28. janette says:

    Such a romantic myrna is so ur yang to ur yin

  29. Jessica says:

    Hi Brian,
    Congratulations to you and Myrna on the arrival of your new baby boy.
    How is it going in terms of trying to be husband, father and a rock star? It must be exhausting trying to find the balance.

  30. Couger says:

    Master Sinclair,
    I have never been into a lot of rock bands but if they all look like the sinners I would definitely would have tried to get there attention. Seriously hot!!!!!! Yum:)

  31. Yumiko says:

    Hi Master Sinclair ^_^
    How are you and Myrna? I love both of you.
    Keep safe always and Congrats to you , jace,eric,trey and sed.

  32. Caliente says:

    You are so sexy. Wish I could really meat you and Trey for at least one night. Just to talk we are all married:)

  33. B says:


    I know you haven’t made any comments since July 2011, but I’m going to leave mine any ways.

    I loved you in the Backstage Pass book, stil loved you in Rock Hard (even though I didn’t really saw necessary for the moment you and T had during the 3some). However my feeling for you totally changed while reading Double Time. How can you hurt Trey’s feelings like that?! Really?!

    He is the sweetest, lovable, affectionate and loyal friend you could have. He has been by your side in your most difficult times, and you come out questioning him about the timing when he is expressing his feelings towarsd you???!!! And telling him that it neant nothing to you, that you were drunk? Well you must od gotten drunk very often then. Cause for what I read it was more than once.

    Why did you do it? And don’t say that because it was complicated. Did you do it cause you feel the same and are afraid that Myrna wouldn’t understand?! Please do tell…

    I would of love to see you making T happy… He is only woth Ethan to feel the emptyness you didn’t fullfill. Not because he loves him.

  34. Lisa says:

    Congratulations to you and Myrna! I am so happy for both of you. Happy New Year!

  35. Michelle says:


    Your by far my favorite! You are way sexier than Sed or Trey! I am seriously envious of Myrna! I would do you any day baby!! I don’t get why any woman would cheat on you, you are the master!

    Much love from your biggest fan,


  36. Kim says:

    From the book and now seeing your pic I just knew you were this sexy

  37. nina says:

    Hey just wanted to wish you a happy birthday! Im sure Myrna has something big planned. Enjoy

  38. Happy Birthday, Brian!!!! Remember, you may have to grow older, but you don’t have to grow up!

  39. Tanya says:

    Master can you post more pictures of you!!…xD..haha

  40. Valeria says:

    Te Amo ❤

  41. adjoa says:

    Hi there Brian, i know you love Myrna and all but…were you never tempted to pursue what you had with Trey?

  42. adjoa says:

    Hey take it easy on Master Sin. If u really wanna know why he was that hash with Sexy Trey, refer to his conversation with Ethan. He just wanted Trey to get his mind off him cos he’s now married and all. But he really does care for Trey. In fact I can bet my last dime he loves Trey to bits. He’s just not the type confident enough to go gay. What can I say, he prefers staying in d closet…make that a happy closet. He n Myrna are simply adorable.

  43. zen says:

    You and Myrna’s anniversary is on June 25?? My bday is on the 26th XD. Brian you are my fav. and although I’m happy you finally have the love of your life, I hope someday I can find a guy like you. do you maybe have a brother?? or is Eric available?? I kind of like him too. haha!

  44. Lisa says:

    Master Sinclair your riffs are amazing, hope family life is being good to you. how old is Malcolm now? Bet he’s a little cutie. x

  45. Elisa says:

    I can’t believe it. I never knew about The SInners until I read Oliva Cunning’s books. i just read the 3rd book. I never knew you guys were real. I now am interested anad want to hear the group sing. Are their samples of your songs on your website? I am from Canada. Do you think you know if you guys will be in Toronto. I am not into rock music very much, I am an opera singer and enjoy more classical music, but I do appreciate all types and have many favorite songs.
    i would love to hear from you.

  46. adjoa says:

    Sweetie, they are not real! Eish

  47. Hello Master! I think you are hot and very sexy! Your skills are amazing and I wish you would use your master fingers on my body! Well aleast you do in my dreams. Myrna is a lucky woman but if she ever leaves I would love to be in your life.
    Love you!!

  48. I would love to meet all of you. If you ever stop rocking it would be a major loss to the music world. I think you are so sexy and I love that you are kinky! I wish I could have a threesome with you and Trey! Myrna is a lucky woman and I hope she knows that and always makes you happy!
    Sinners fan for life!

  49. Zehra says:

    Happy Birthday my fav. sinner 😉 (Sorry for not celebrated yesterday.) Love you… If you don’t have sex with Myrna answer me now Master.

  50. Sheena says:

    Master Sinclair

    In all honesty the picture of you surprised me. The way you’re described in the books makes you seem as if you look like Synyster Gates from A7X! So, bearing that in mind, I was wondering if he’s been an influence on you in anyway.

    P.S. What did you have for breakfast?

  51. eyres says:

    i love you. please add me on snapchat, i want to get married to you, i am better than your girlfriend. 😦

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