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116 Responses to “Ask Sinners”
  1. AlbertaJenn says:

    Now that there is a woman on tour with you, how have you guys adapted to Myrna domesticating the tour buses?

  2. Jace Seymour says:

    REAL food is awesome!

  3. It’s not so bad. When Myrna’s on the rag or wants me to clean, I go hide on the pigsty bus.

  4. AlbertaJenn says:

    I notice that your website only lists tour dates in the USA. When will the Sinners be coming to Canada?

  5. Dude, she’s a college professor doing research. Things couldn’t possibly get out of hand. You have absolutely nothing to worry about, Jerr.

  6. Lauren says:

    As the obsessive fan girl I am, I am wondering what your middle names are ?

  7. Eric Sticks says:

    Brian Stickinthemud Sinclair
    Sed Stud Lionheart
    Jace Littleman Seymour
    Trey Switchhitter Mills
    Eric Rulestheworld Sticks


  8. Lauren says:

    Hmmm there’s something fishy going on here ….
    I wonder what stuckinthemud and littleman would have to say about that 😀

  9. Lauren says:

    Being the totaly hot , SEXY and totaly talented men you are ( both in music and in bed ) I was curious about who and when did you all pop your cheries?

  10. Sarah says:

    okay, here is a general comment:


    • lauren says:

      Now Sarah get back up or they might just start to think that were just like the obsessive rabid fans that Myrna was studing , and then were would we be … mabye in Seds pants. BUt that’s besides the point and if we want to stick around at all then we have to atleast act (semi ) dignified!

      • Ladies, ladies. Plenty of me to go around. Don’t get your panties in a bunch. You could always remedy that situation by taking them off.

      • Sarah says:

        You’re right! I from this point on will not act as a crazy fan girl.. .but Eric is just so FINE! I`d think that anyway though, even if he wasn`t a sinner. But that just makes him more exciting… ‘3

      • Sarah says:

        Haha, oh Lauren!
        Steamy nights camping…
        Maybe Sed would like to join us…

    • Sorry, sweetheart, I’m taken. Sed doesn’t “go out” with anyone. I’m not sure what Jace’s deal is. He could be a polygamist for all I know. Eric lets women treat him like a doormat so we don’t let him date anymore and Trey dates everyone, so hopefully you don’t have a problem with sharing.

      What can I say, my band mates have “issues”.

  11. launicpez says:

    Lol we don’t mind sharing 🙂
    And sarah ; yes you would.
    That just makes jace mysterious.
    Oh well i guess we’ll just have to sleep with every one (but brian) and see who we like best 😀
    It won’t be a hard ship.

  12. Sarah says:

    If there’s a suck… I’m so in!!

  13. launicpez says:

    No way! we do rock paper sisiors tomorrow when i see you!

  14. Sarah says:

    Where were your favorite places to play and why were they so much more exciting than the others??

    • Playing on the home turf in LA is the best. The crowd gets really pumped up. It’s like they’re all our best friends. Every show is different, which is what makes them all awesome. What can I say? I’m an adrenaline junkie.

  15. Laura says:

    Hey guys,
    what do you think about Olivia writting your stories???
    does it bother you to be exposed to everyone??

  16. launicpez says:

    What would you mother say?!

  17. Anna says:

    Hey guys,
    How are you? I was thinking here, after reading the book again, that you guys, make a girl want to be naughty… very naughty…
    And Jace… I want to be Aggie…

  18. Juliet says:

    I want to know when little mans story is coming out because im gonna go into withdrawl with out tunning into you guys

  19. Destynee says:

    What is the craziest thing a fan has done to you guys personally?
    Has a fan ever sent you a vial of their blood, Sed? Or Jace, have you ever found someone waiting on your motorcycle for you naked? Anyone try to tempt Trey with edible cherry clothing outside an arena? Can’t think of one for Eric or Brian but I’m sure the fans have. 😉

    • Blood? Gross! We had a groupie hide in the storage compartment under the bus after a show one time. Good thing we found her when we did. We heard the strangest banging on the floor, pulled over at a rest area and there she was. She almost suffocated.

  20. Bella Dawn says:

    Who thinks they are the sexiest in the band? And why?

  21. Inkbella says:

    Hi rock gods this question is for all the guys in the band. I’m a major ink fanatic as well as a Sinners maniac. I NEED a Sinners tattoo but I’m having a hard time deciding where I want to put it. Can you help a gurl out?? I’m not afraid to put it anywhere on my body or have it so it can be seen by all.

    • Trey Mills says:

      I like to discover hidden tats on a woman. Hip, ass, breast, upper thigh. A nice surprise when I’m exploring.

      • Cristina says:

        not a fan of too much ink, but i’ve always wanted to tattoo my inner-wrist with the infinite/unbound symbol… because i love that symbol and it has meaning! but i’m too funk ’cause i hate pain! Need someone to hold my hand…

  22. Liv-e says:

    Hello All!

    Just want to say that i think you all are really cool!!!
    Also, while i think y’all are tres shmexy, what do you do in ur spare time?

  23. Liv-e says:

    what do you like to do in your off time?

  24. Liv-e says:

    woops! just realised i posted the same thing twice! silly petit moi!

  25. Liv-e says:

    Awesome! Is it a classic?

  26. Shell says:

    Could you guys do a show in Ohio?

  27. Adrie says:

    How do you guys feel about A7X and the similarities between you?
    M. Shadows and Sed are both screamers with really short hair and dimples. (Don’t know if I should have mentioned that last part.)
    Synyster Gates and Brian are both talented lead guitarists with long hair and they’re both really hot.
    Johnny Christ and Jace are both really short bassists that joined into the band later.
    Zacky Vengeance and Trey are both best friends with the lead guitarist and co-founders of their bands.
    The Rev and Eric are both amazing drummers that helped start their bands and they both play multiple instruments.

  28. Juliet says:

    Makes sence since Olivia did put a remembrance to The Rev in the books

  29. Treasure says:

    No love for Denver yet? you guys would love Red Rocks.

  30. Debbie says:

    I’ve never loved a rock band more than you guys. It’s time for more photos – especially of …well… ALL OF YOU!

  31. Emily says:

    Chicago is the place to come. We have amazing food.

  32. Debbie says:

    Come on and visit Dallas again, ya’ll. You know everything’s bigger in Texas!

  33. nikki says:

    so is there a jacksonville stop going to be made….ever? i promise not to stalk. 🙂

  34. sindy ;) says:

    would any of you date a pop star? and why 😛

  35. I’m interested in knowing will you ever perform acoustically, or release an acoustic album? If so, where/when?

    Keep on rockin’!


  36. Shell says:

    I was wondering if everything is Ok, none of you has posted anything since July! That is a long time to not hear from any of you Sexy Men!!

  37. Alyssa says:

    Do The Sinners still reply to their fans? I hope ya’ll didn’t forget about us. =[ Love you all and miss you guys!

  38. CuriousMami says:

    Hey, I’m a lil confused. I’ve read the books (LOVED them) but I’m not sure if u guys r fictional or not? The website says u r a fictional band but u have chat, tour dates etc.
    *I know I’m hoping u all aren’t just a wet dream*

  39. hey boys! I must say they are the hottest men and if I could I would do all

    and one question
    some believe that Latinas are sexy?

  40. Alexandra says:

    I challenge Brian and Trey to a guitar-off. The loser has to wear Myrna’s skimpy lingerie to his/her next gig.

  41. Katie says:

    What does Reagan look like? I can’t really envision her.

  42. Katie says:

    It seems like all the girls you get with are stick skinny. Would you ever hook up with a bigger girl?

  43. Talia says:

    Hey guys. Since Christmas came and gone…Anything exciting planned for the New Years ?

  44. Betty says:

    I am getting ready to read this books but I can tell you guys are what every girls fantasy are made of married or not.

  45. xd says:

    Are true ?xd
    I konw this is stupid question ;d

  46. Friscokay says:

    I recently read the first book and must say I’ve died and gone to heaven!!!!! Every last one of you are amazing! 🙂 Hey Brian I vote you take that beautiful brain if yours as Myrna calls it and go back to school? To get your degree? And Eric have you figured out what was in that hat Brian gave you yet ? 😉 Jace don’t worry Eric loves you that’s why he can’t keep his hand off u…. Even if he is rough but ive heard u like it that way ? Keep being a leader Sed! Can’t wait to keep reading! Thank goodness for Olivia and you guys!!!!!!!!!!

  47. RockStarLover says:

    Hey guys! I just finished Backstage Pass (in one day i might add) and I am totally in love with each of you! Each of you bring so much to the story! So different and so sexy! It has been a fantasy of mine ALL MY LIFE to be loved by a rock star and get to experience that life. Since Brian is taken………….I am an older “woman” like Myrna and can bring some delicious ideas to the table and your bed………..

  48. Asz says:

    Europe is the best place to come. We have amazing beer, food, and girls! And… a lot of other good things 😉

  49. Zani says:

    Who ever created this page sure has commitment… or is delusional! But right now I’m so sucked into this story that I don’t even know if I’m reading a novel or if this rock band really does exist and I’m the only retard who hasn’t heard their CD yet!!!! That’s the problem I guess when you don’t read about freaken vampires and zombies but about real people who just might be real!!!! But thank you for keeping the experience so real!!!

  50. Amelia says:

    hi I was wondering why some kind of chicks thinks only about sex. I mean You guys are hot like fire in hell. But also you have awsome personality. I Love You all Guys

  51. Lisa says:

    am just hoping that all you guys are ok and not dropped off the face of the earth, for whatever reason none of you guys have replied to any comments made on here for nearly 2 years yet your chat is still active? Personally I love all you guys equally without question, you all bring unique sound and personality to the band, if 1 of you decided to quit or leave it just wouldn’t be the same. hope your all safe doing your thang. love and peace. xx

  52. Teri says:

    Someone needs to keep this site up to date. None of the Sinners have replied since 2011! You have a lot of eager fans that want their questions answered.

  53. Ciall says:

    will any of you ever give up the rockstar life style?

  54. Zehra says:

    the sexiest member of the group (definitely) —> Brain “Master” ❤

    Who is more bastard sinners?

  55. Clary says:

    If you could date a girl with blonde hair, what shade of blonde would it be? *please choose one of the following* strawberry blonde, golden blonde, light brown w/ peanut butter highlights, dirty blonde 😉 , golden blonde w/ platinum highlights, or dirty blonde w/ platinum highlights? 🙂

  56. Clary says:

    Peanut butter as in peanut butter colored blonde.

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